Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Thoughts: $#*! My Dad Says

$#*! My Dad Says (also known as Shit My Dad Says) is a new TV series based off the twitter feed of the same name. That's right I said twitter feed. The series follows Henry (Jonathan Sadowski) who has just been laid off from his job and returns home to live with his father Ed (played by legendary actor William Shatner) who is a war vet who dosnt quite posses the block to keep whats on his mind from flying out of his mouth. Unfortunately the show is not that great, stiff dialogue and cheesy story destroy the pilot, and how ever good Shatner is in the pilot and he does get off a good line or two, he just seems too young (even at 79) to be playing a 72 year old. The show also is not helped by MAD TV alumni Will Sasso as Ed's other kid Vince and Nicole Sullivan as his wife Bonnie. However I will say most pilots are not that great so i will invest another week or two on the show but it better get its act together fast. New episodes air Thursdays at 8:30 on CBS.

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