Monday, September 27, 2010

First Thoughts: Jackass 3D

Last night I was lucky enough to see 7 minutes of footage from the upcoming film Jackass 3D. I was also fortunate to meet Johnny Knoxville & director Jeff Tremaine. Unfortunately you will not be hearing them on an upcoming episode of the podcast as I could not get clearance in time but I will tell you about the footage I saw if you choose to keep reading.

Spoilers follow after photos from the event:

They first showed us what ultimately is the opening of the film with Johnny Knoxville saying welcome to Jackass! What followed was a extremely colorful couple of minutes of mayhem including Steve-O jumping into a ceiling fan, Bam Margera dressed as a cupcake pinata literally getting the candy beat out of him, Preston Lacy taking a canon ball to the stomach and more involving fish, paintballs, fruit and more. All this while the song The Kids Are Back by Twisted Sister played in the background. But the cool part about all of it is they shot it with Phantom high speed cameras, which film at 1000 frames a second so everything was super slowed down so you can see just how powerful the impact of every kick, punch, and hit really was.

The second clip was the Poo Cocktail Supreme. I do not want to get into too much detail because I believe it ultimately will be one of the best segments in the movie, but it involves a feces filled port o potty with steve-o inside attached to bungee cords , that is then shot into the sky. I will leave you to imagine the rest :D

The rest was pretty much the trailer thats been making the rounds except in 3D. Jackass 3D is in theater in 2D & 3D on October 15th.

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