Friday, October 22, 2010

My Ideal Rocky Horror Picture Show Remake Cast

Recently it has been announced that Ryan Murphy (creator of Glee & Nip/Tuck) may possibly be directing a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show for FOX 2000. While I think this is an awful idea just due to how close and treasured this film has become over the last 35 years to so many people, more then likely its going to happen. So I actually have some thoughts on who my ideal RHPS remake cast would be. Keep in mind most of these suggestions are based more on acting and looks then on singing ability for the most part.

Lets starts with the biggie, Dr Frank N Furter. Its kind of hard to live up to the original film performance by Tim Curry, but may I suggest another Brit for the remake. Mr Peter Serafinowicz in my opinion should closely be looked at for playing Dr Frank n Furter, he has great comedic timing, he is tall so he has got the legs for the part and he also has the ability to be perfectly deadpan.

So for the part of Brad Majors, may I suggest a "Superman". By Superman I'm referring to Brandon Routh. Brad kind of represents that all American looking guy although he is also alittle bit nerdy, well if Superman Returns showed us anything its that Mr Routh most certainly can pull off the all American slightly nerdy look.

Now every Brad needs a Janet right. Well it needs to be someone who is short, is innocent looking, but can also be convincingly slutty, I feel Amy Adams would be a good fit for this part and would play nicely against Brandon Routh.

A part I found hard to recast was Magenta. However like a bolt of lightning it hit me, Helena Bonham Carter, she has played eccentric characters in the past and if Sweeney Todd showed us anything she has a good singing voice.

I found myself considering another Tim Burton contributor for the part of Riff Raff, Danny Elfman. He has got that creepy kind of look to him and he is the former lead singer for the 80's band Oingo Boingo, so he does have some singing ability.

In particular I spent a good amount of time trying to cast Rocky. But in all honesty I think this is the part that needs to be played by a unknown, really no one of notice came to my mind when I tried to recast the part, so why not do a open casting call and let the fates decide.

For the role of the wheelchair bound Dr Scott, I thought hey how about someone who has previously played another doctor, Christopher Llyod, the role calls for someone older, smart, and a touch eccentric.

Eddie in all honesty should again be played by Meatloaf . He still pretty much looks the same 35 years later I would just recommend he loses 20 pounds and they use a good amount of make up, its a small part and think it would be a funny connector to the original film.

Now as for Colombia the spit fire tap dancer played in the original by Nell Campbell, interestingly I feel if Ryan Murphy is hired to direct he needs to pull in Heather Morris (better known as Brittany on GLEE) for the part. Out of what I have seen of the Rocky Horror glee episode (which I so far think looks like a mess) what I've seen of Morris as Colombia is great.

When it comes to the The Criminologist I felt the part needed to be played by a distinguished older actor, someone with honor and a award winner. So why not cast Anthony Hopkins as the time warp teaching narrator?

The Lips (a.k.a Trixie or Usherette) these are the iconic lips that sing the opening song of the film, Science Fiction Double Feature. So I feel if we are remaking it we need the most iconic lips of this generation for the part which although it sounds like an awful joke, i feel that it has to be the lips of Angelina Jolie.

So that is my two cents, as someone who loves the original film it was extremely hard to recast these iconic characters, but we shall see if any of these people end up getting cast in the parts I suggested.

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