Friday, August 13, 2010

So I saw this movie today......

Extremely EXTREMELY mild spoilers ahead pertaining to character descriptions

So i was lucky enough to see the new Bruce Willis film RED today and it does not even come out for a full 2 month :)

So disclaimer the version they showed us at the screening was said to be a work in progress copy meaning that some of the effects shots were not completed as in a few green screen shots and some cgi.

The film is based on the graphic novel RED from DC comics which i have yet to read so i can not really make a fair comparison of if it is faithful to the original source or not. But the film follows Bruce Willis character Frank Moses who is a retired black ops CIA agent who has a crush on Sarah (played by Mary Louis Parker from weeds) who he has only ever talked to over the phone, but when an assassin is assigned to take out Frank his and Sarahs worlds collide as they try to figure out who is trying to have frank killed and why. Thats as much of the plot that id like to discuss because its hard to discuss the rest of the general plot without telling you the whole thing but its a fairly standard action comedy type of movie. Franks team though is composed of Joe, Victoria, and Marvin (played by Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirran, and John Malkovich respectively) who are all also retired operatives who help Frank along the way. I just have to say John Malkovich completely steals the movies as Marvin a paranoid former agent who is convinced everyone is trying to kill him just a great performance from him. There are also good performances from Richard Dreyfuss as a slimy businessman and Brian Cox as a former Russian operative with a thing for Helen Mirrans character, but i have to give it up to Ernest Borgnine playing the Record Keeper even at 93 the guy has still got it. Also Karl Urban plays Cooper who is essentially the guy assigned to kill Frank and to be completely honest i didnt even realize it was Urban til i got home and looked up who played the character just a complete 180 from his portal of Bones in Star Trek. Overall it is a fun flick and alot more humorious then i expected with some cool fight scenes and gunplay, however the only issue i really did have with the film was that it had a weird pacing issue. At only 110 minute runtime (without credits) it seems and feels like a much longer movie so im not sure if they are going to cut more of it but the 1st half of the movie definitely suffers from this issue. Overall i think Summit has a decent non-twilight related hit on there hands but if its not re edited it could lose it re-playability . Out of 10 id give it a 8

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